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the key to gaining weight and mass during your bulk is to get more calories in then you are burning a day.

there are multiple equations in order to get this process. you first need to know how many calories your body burns when at rest. and then you need to calculate how many calories your body burns on active days. a simple google search for this will get you the right formula. i dont have it off the top of my head and im on my phone but i can message you a link when i get home.

when you know this numer you are going to want to add 500 calories. and dont be suprised if this seems like a very high amount. for example i need around 4000 calories a day and i get well over that amount. if you dnt add 1-2 pounds of weight a week within 2 weeks up the calories another 500 until you see results.

im on a bulk right now im eating between 8-9 clean meals a day. i dont eat junk food or cake and cookies. this stuff will just pack on fat that will be very hard to get off when i want to cut and it will just make me loose muscle and start back at square one on my cut.

i eat a 6-2-2 diet since i have a hard time putting on weight i need more carbs. this is a 60% carb 20% protein and 20% percent fat. most people i know do a 4-4-2 though.

make sure you eat every 2-3 hours. spread your meals out dont have huge lunches and dinners and then srart skipping meals. i set my alarm clock to wake me up at night so i can get in a extra weight gainer and not have to go 8-10 hrs without food.

remember nutrition is the MOST important part of bodybuilding and fitness and you need to eat BIG to get BIG



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When I bulked, I didnt pay attention to calls, I paid attention to amounts. I would eat breakfast, a snack, lunch, a snack, preworkout shake (40 grams of Whey complex), post workout shake (60 whey isolate) with a baegle, dinner, snack, and then a nighttime protien shake. I ate bread ALOT. I stayed away from crap, I just icreased carb intake and ate white bread post workout (as a baegle or PB sandwhich with the post workout shake). I ate a TON of meat. I gained around 15 LBS in 4 months, 12 Lbs muscle, 3 Lbs fat. If you want calories, look at your caloric need, then eat more, and eat late at night to avoid a high metabolism qiuck breakdown of foods. So if your caloric need is 3000, eat 4000 or some number above that, depending on how fast you want to grow and how extreme.
In the gym, cut the cardio from your routines as well.
3 sets of 4-6 reps, and have the whole routine a super set. Focus on legs, chest and biceps. Those muscles, I find when I focus on them, lead to the most healthy gains. Also, are you ging for a number, or strength? I focused on how strong/powerful I could get, not what the scale said.

My protien was 100% Whey Protien Complex from GNC, Wheyabolic Extreme 60 from GNC.
Mass gainers can be used as well to bulk. Normally there around 1000 calories a serving, with 50 or so grams of protien and a little bit of creatine. GNC AMPLIFIED MASS XXX is extremely good. Im currently using that and ive grown, even in a cutting stage.

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